The Trippy Blend Loose Leaf

The Trippy Blend Loose Leaf

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"Awareness, Mindfulness, & Expansion"

We’ve blended together 3 of the most potent herbs: Blue Lotus, Passion Flower and Wild Lettuce. All 3 herbs are known for their pleasant, euphoria, and tranquility like effects on the mind and body. Many report being more aware of their higher self and being able to meditate more easily. Many people use these 3 herbs for ceremonies, rituals, meditation, lucid dreaming and the raising of chakras.

Can be made into teas, smokes, put into baths, made into smudges, and more! Handmade in small batches.

The Trippy Blend:
~soothing and meditative
~mood enhancer
~reduce anxiety
~increase libido
~dreamlike sensation
~increase awareness (both in the real world and the dream world)

Quantity: 30 Grams