We specialize in creating handmade custom organic herbal blends, herbal smokes, & herbal tea.

High Quality

All of your herbal blends are Organic, Non-GMO, and 100% Vegan. In addition they are all blended, hand-sifted, and made in small batches.

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Your Order Matters

Remember, we will NEVER send you a low quality, quickly made or thrown together product to get you your order faster. This is something our competitors do which results in you getting your order faster, but a poorer product. We are a small brand that has been around for close to a decade. We pride ourselves on creating the very best and highest quality herbs. We gather top quality ingredients and produce everything by hand. Due to each order being an entire process, it takes slightly longer to fulfill & ship than bigger brands that sacrifice quality for quantity. We understand that you are excited to receive your order, but please be patient with us.

Heads Up

Our herbal blends DO NOT contain any form or forms of K2, Spice, Marijuana, or Synthetics. They DO NOT contain tobacco, nicotine, or THC.


Herbal Teas

Herbal Smokes (Pre-Rolled)

Herbal Smokes (Loose-Leaf)

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